All our toys are designed in order to be both completely hygienic and non-allergenic. They are treated with a three-layer toxic-free varnish so to cover all possible wood pores and flaws.

In this way, our toys have a solid and smooth surface which does allow a simple as well as efficient cleaning. Both wood and cladding are of excellent quality and they are produced with the major accuracy, therefore they do not chip or cause damages to the skin if they are used without exerting an excessive strength.

Finally, our Quality Check does guarantee that only entirely flawless items will be sold.

In any case, you are invited to protect your toy from impacts against other solid surfaces (hard floors, sinks etc.) because this could both diminish its finishing aesthetic qualities as well as damage its wooden cellular structure, by weakening it and making easier to break it. In case of collision of your toy with a solid surface, always verify its integrity before the following use.

All our toys are sold with a Product Warranty. Within 2 years from the purchase, if the wooden structure accidentally breaks, you can contact us and send the product back. If we are able to verify that low quality material or a manufacturing flaw is the cause of the damage, the product will be quickly substituted. As for the malfunctioning of the internal vibrator, we guarantee the substitution within 4 months from the purchase. For a good care of the product, we suggest to put it in the specific sachet that we provide, so to avoid possible scratches and damages.


We suggest to wash the sex toys with lukewarm water, being careful not to put it under the direct water stream, and with a non-abrasive soap. Then dry with a clean rag. We also suggest to clean your toy with a moist rag after any use and to occasionally thoroughly wash it with warm water and a neutral soap.

Absolutely do not put your toy under the direct water stream, because it could alter the wood features. As for the the models with an internal vibrator, be careful not to get it wet, because it could cause a malfunctioning.