NO! All our toys are treated with a three-layer toxic-free and hypoallergenic varnish in order to cover all possible wood pores and flaws.

Moreover, our Quality Check guarantees that only flawless items will be sold.

You can wash your dildo with water and you can dry it with a smooth non-abrasive rag. It is not recommended to put it directly under the water, as water pressure could damage it (although the percentage of risk is very negligible). Our products are 100% waterproof and can be used safely along with both water and silicon based lubricants.

Yes, but only if water based.

You should take into consideration its measures and what kind of effect you desire.

Of course it is! Just go to the “Make Your Toy” section, fill the form and we will be glad to satisfy you request.

Dildo’s manufacturing takes place in our factory, therefore you will be in direct touch with the producer.

If your dildo is already available in our storehouse, delivery normally takes 2 working days. If we have to produce it on demand, you need to add other 2-3 working days to the wait due to the manufacturing time.

SWT does guarantee a discreet delivery, without any detectable brand. Moreover, the invoice is delivered by the company who owns the logo, without any reference to sex toys or to our website.

We always recommend to verify package entirety at the delivery. Anyway, in case the package is damaged by the courier, you can send it back and it will be substituted at our expenses.

Yes, there are some guarantees.

Within 2 years from the purchase, if the wood accidentally breaks, you can contact us and send the product back. If we are able to verify that low quality material or a manufacturing flaw is the cause of the damage, the product will be quickly substituted. Nonetheless, if the product is voluntarily damaged, it will be not substituted.

As for the good functioning of the internal vibrator, we guarantee the substitution within 4 months from the purchase. In any case, our Quality Check guarantees the sale of excellent quality and perfectly functioning items. For a good care of the product, we suggest to put it in the specific sachet that we provide, so to avoid possible scratches and damages.

Yes, because our company keeps your personal data only for fiscal reasons and they are not communicated to third party.

Yes, they are constantly monitored.