Sex Wooden Toys

Sex Wooden Toys designs and realizes wooden vibrators, dildos and anal plug, completely hypoallergenic and safe to use

The Wood

Wood is a unique material in nature, traditionally employed as raw material in building houses, furnitures as well as everyday things.
With its consistency, color and scent, wood allows us to give life to a vast variety of sex toys, any of which is endowed with specific features.

Sex Wooden Toys produces sex toys made out of a natural as well as entirely biodegradable material, which is toxic-free, nonpolluting and easy to find in nature: wood.

Our Products

Strong point of SWT items is their handcrafted production, which means both high quality as well as absolute uniqueness. Wood different colors and veining do distinguish every single product.

Varieties of wood utilized in our production include oak, olive, cherry, padouk, mahogany and wenge. Any of them does own unique features as for color and appearance.

All our sex toys are realized with the use of a wood lathe. Though using this tool, wood manufacturing is entirely handmade.


Make your toy

You can obtain the toy more suitable to your own necessities by sending us a description or a picture, completed with measures, of the item that you prefer.

Our company will be able to transform in reality your desires, by keeping low final costs. In any case, before the product is realized, you will receive a quote.

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